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I am a hobby breeder located in  Southeastern Massachusetts. My interest in reptiles, like many of us in this hobby,  started at a very young age. It happens that my mother’s allergies to dog’s and cat’s started me down the road of Herpetoculture. To her dismay I would bring home every reptile and amphibian I could find, from turtles, snakes, frogs, salamanders, etc. This fueled my passion for reptiles and all animals in general. Over the years I would keep many different species of reptiles and amphibians from native frogs and toads to monitor’s and snakes. As I got older my passion never died out but was put on hold while I attended college in florida.

While attending the University of Tampa I was able to earn  bachelor’s degree’s in Environmental Science and Marine Biology. After college I work as a Biologist at a local aquarium where I was able to work with both marine and reptile species. This is where I was introduced to one of my favorite lizards of all times the bearded dragon.  Unfortunately due to some economical difficulties I was forced to move back to my home town in Massachusetts. Once I was settled in to a new job(as a 911 dispatcher for my town) I started my current collection of bearded dragons. After a few years working with dragons, while at a local reptile expo, I was amazed at seeing my very first bumble bee ball python. Seeing the bright yellow and black patterned ball python I was amazed how the normal ball python I had many years ago could be transformed into this living piece of art. From that moment on I knew I wanted to work with this species and its endless genetic possibilities.

After that expo I started to acquire a quality breeding stock of ball pythons from many of the top breeder’s in the hobby. As my collection grew my background in biology and genetics took over and I began to produce some visually stunning animals. This brings us to 2007 when Action Reptiles was born. As my collection grew I could no longer keep all the wonderful animals I was producing. Which brings us to the present where I am currently still working with both bearded dragons(Pogona vitticeps) and ball pythons(Python regius) color morphs. As this is still a hobby for me I pride myself on the quality of animals I produce each year. Every animal I produce is considered a pet first and any animals I do sell only help to grow and maintain my collection of reptiles. The truth is “I do this for the love of the animals and the hobby not for the price tag on them” .


Patrick Jackson

Action Reptiles


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